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Do you want a shift from native web applications to mobile web development solutions and target more and more users on mobile devices? Are you looking for mobile friendly web development service to develop website working across multiple browsers and multiple platforms? If you are planning to develop your own mobile application store, or need a custom responsive site to display data effectively in different screen size and resolution, Long Island SEO can make sure that you achieve success in a mobile web development project, giving your users the experience they need. We are Long Island based web development company specialized in web technologies that would expand your brand presence through web application development. Our expert web developers will give you a great experience in Long Island web development using HTML5, jQuery, Sencha, CSS3, JavaScript and many other effective web technologies.

In this competitive world, your businesses cannot ignore the growing number of audience present on smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices. To help you easily connect to these mobile audience and promote your brand effectively, we offer mobile friendly web development service in Long Island.

Most of the Long Island web development companies don’t bother to develop custom adaptive and responsive web application for your business to get viewed properly on mobile devices and hence, you may miss out a major share of audience. Neither your website will appear high in mobile search results nor it will display all the navigation features and content in an adjusted manner. However, our web development process is based on a mobile-friendly approach to make your site get accessed on any screen size device.

At Long Island SEO, we provide mobile web development in Long Island services, with mobile upgrade and mobile web app framework. With us, you can develop a mobile responsive site, which has the extra feature of having a mobile application to make the website load automatically on different mobile operating systems once users click on it.

Being one of the most talented Long Island web development companies, we have uneqaled skill with UI design, user experience and the standards of mobile web app development, and most remarkably, dealing with all challenges like incompatibility of the web layouts and difference in browser screen size, User Interface integration and implementation by using adaptive, responsive or HTML 5/CSS3 design.

Our Long Island Web Development Services offer:

Compatibility across the popularly used mobile devices and platforms.

Use of suitable mobile web application framework (the Sencha framework or SproutCore framework), so your website can be developed once but deployed on different platforms thereby reducing cost and time to deliver.

Mobile responsive design so that the developed website will respond and adapt to the screen size of the device it is accessed on.

Expert web developers who practice the best standards (JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5) available in mobile web application development

An inventive and effective approach which covers everything including business analysis, project management, custom web design and development, software testing and implementation.

To start with cross-platform web development solution in Long Island and enjoy high business accessibility to users, contact us now at +1 631-807-533.

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The responsive website built by us will work great with a variety of browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and more.

Device Friendly

Your responsive website designed by us will perform well and run smoothly on Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry devices.

High Performance

The responsive website will successfully deliver a fast and smooth performance that will ensure a great user experience.


We will design your website with flexible grid & layout designs that will help it to dynamically resize to a variety of different screen sizes.

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