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Highly Reliable Email Marketing Service

Do you know that building up a frequent contact with your customer or client base is vital for business growth? The Long Island SEO will deliver an effective email marketing service that will help your business to connect with customers and maintain strong relationship with the clients or customers. Our highly experienced team will create, send and track effective email campaigns that will drive sales for your business. The main objective of our email marketing service is to take your business to a level where it get connected with customers. We will create different kinds of email messages that builds a strong bonding with your client or customer network.

How our Email Marketing Service will increase your ROI ?

  • Audience Research & Data Collection: Our experienced professionals will make a good research and data collection to know the nature, attitude, culture and expectation of your email recipients.
  • Email Design: We will design the emails with customizable templates, text, images, brand colors and more that will look great on any device.
  • Build your Audience: To turn every website visitor into email subscribers, we will add a sign up form on your website or will share a link to the form (on the social media). We will make sure your business will make a good first impression with a welcome email, which will be sent automatically to people who sign up.
  • Analysis and Reporting: Our competent team will find the optimal time and frequency to reach out to your customers and get actionable results This will help in analyzing the highest possible percentage of your subscribers who get connected through the email campaign.

Contact us today at +1 631-807-5332 or send an email- longislandsseo@gmail.com to get a highly effective and result driven email marketing service.

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Core Features

Device Friendly

Our email marketing make sure the emails sent bears user-friendly and responsive templates that looks great any device.

Professional Emails

We will use customizable templates, easy drag-and-drop editor, text, images & brand colors for creating emails.

Sign Up Forms & Welcome Emails

We will help in building your audience by adding a sign up form to the website and send a welcome email, which makes a great first impression.

Email Newsletters

With us, get more messages delivered to your subscribers with advanced options, which is simple enough for newbies.

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The Long Island SEO is a highly reliable and full service SEO company. We offer customized and effective solutions for businesses in Long Island like search engine optimization, responsive web design, mobile app development, email marketing and social media marketing at the best price. We have a pool of talented professionals like- digital marketing experts, developer and designers, creative content writers and social media specialists who will deliver highly integrated digital marketing solutions. Our talented team will develop unique strategies with a dynamic approach, which will result in a positive outcome for your business.

  • Cost- effective custom search engine optimization solutions
  • Get assistance of a highly dedicated and committed team
  • Experience a soaring conversion rate that will boost your ROI
  • Enjoy 24/7 customer care and assistance

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